Aircraft Rides

See awesome vintage airplanes flying over the Palm Springs Air Museum! Don’t miss your chance to fly in one of these planes.



P-51 Mustang

No warbird envokes the memories of fighter aircraft in combat like the P-51 MUSTANG. Serving in WW2 & Korea as a bomber escort and tactical fighter-bomber this aircraft has returned to the skies!  See her flying at the Palm Springs Props and Hops Craft Beer Festival.

The P-51 Mustang carries the colors and markings of the Red Tails – the Tuskegee Black Fighter Pilot Squadron from World War II, which accompanied the B-17 Flying Fortresses when they did their bombing raids over Germany.  This particular plane, Bunny, is named and has the markings of the P-51 Mustang that Lt. Col. Bob Friend flew. Friend flew 140 combat missions in Europe.

C-47 Skytrain Ride

Go back in time with a ride on our vintage C-47 Skytrain and enjoy the beauty of Palm Springs from the sky! Our C-47 Skytrain served in the armed forces of a number of countries throughout its 58 year military career. Not until it was acquired by the Museum in 2003, did she receive a civilian registration. Now this aircraft continues to delight Museum visitors as a flyable exhibit. “What’s Up Doc?”, painted complete with original nose art and invasion stripes is a flying tribute to the men and machines used to kick off the June, 6 1944 D-Day invasion.

B-25 Executive Sweet

The B-25 Mitchell Bomber is one of the most iconic airplanes of World War II, made famous by the Doolittle Raid over Tokyo which turned the tide of the war in the Pacific in favor of the US and her Allies.

Learn the history of the North American B-25J MITCHELL “EXECUTIVE SWEET”.

Call 805-377-2106 to reserve your flight.

Passengers MUST check in with the Flight Ops desk at least 30 minutes in advance of flight time. All riders must sign a Participant Release form prior to flight.